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PHP Development Services in India
Date published: 08/03/2016
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LAMP refers to the set of four technologies namely Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These languages are open source and hence are available free of cost over the web for customized web development, application development and website development. LAMP symbolizes the web infrastructure and it is platform independent, hence can work on any web server. LAMP Development leverages open source development in building illustrious products.

Our Expertise

eTatvaSoft is a veteran software development company. Over the years we have materialized various ideas into reality using the LAMP technologies. Our LAMP developers have always enthusiastically created applications, integrating the clients need and keeping in mind the current business trends so that the client’s wealth can be maximized. We provide LAMP Development Services to diverse industries like hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and others, and have each time been obliged with client satisfaction.

Our Experience

Our Team of LAMP Developers from India bear a complete know-how and are able to comprehend the essential functionalities desired by the client. We render LAMP Application Development solution that are simple, accessible and easy to understand. We have catered to clients ranging from young entrepreneurs having basic requirements to large enterprises having complex and intricate details. We have also worked extensively on LAMP customization.

Our LAMP Web Development Services

  • eCommerce Websites development
  • Web Portals development
  • Content Management System development
  • Social Networking Sites development
  • Business Applications development
  • Online booking development
  • Dating website development
  • Book keeping system development

Advantages of LAMP for Software Development

  • LAMP development reduces the cost as the technologies are open source and are freely available over the internet
  • The architecture offers scalability as a result the number of products can be increased
  • It is devoid of the various licensing limitations
  • LAMP customization aids the clients as various functionalities can be added or removed as per the requirement
  • It offers easy deployment and reduces the processing time