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Our Privacy Policy

eTatvaSoft website is used to illustrate the services we offer, with an extended view of our work and technologies in which we are proficiency into. Moreover, the site is also utilized to get job applications and bestow the insights of knowledge on trending technical thoughts and ideas.

eTatvaSoft is very delicate & vigilant about privacy issues and has no hesitancy to viewers who are accessing its website.

Cookies and Visitor's Tracking

Cookies, short pieces of text collected on Web Server, are used to track the traffic. The user can disable this behaviour from the browser's settings.

Our servers only view the user's preferences to display the personalized content and not into anything personal data like name or email address utilizing cookies.

Individual Information Sharing

To examine the particular section, visitants may require to inscribe the personal information, else not. We affirm not to share or re-sold the personal details to any third party. For the provided email address it will be in following with the Spam Act.

Website Visit Information

We are following no obligation to check the source from which your personal information is rendered to us.

Information Safety and Protection

eTatvaSoft Personnel responsible for client correspondences and interactions only can conveniently access the personal information of the users. Our site has driven industry-standard privacy purposes to offset the loss of data, alteration or misapplication.

Security and Protection Rights based on GDPR

As of May 25, 2018, the security of our EU-based clients is secured by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As an information gatherer, we have remodelled our policies to match to the GDPR in regards to the specific personal information. This indicates both to the marketing and development perspectives.

Opting Out of Email or Other Communication Channel

Prior to the gathering, processing or storing the individual data, eTatvaSoft asks for the consent to permit for the same. Consent can be stretched back anytime. Data subjects have the virtue to vacate exchanges from us.

Amendment in this Privacy Statement

eTatvaSoft has the authority to modify, adjust, or refresh this Privacy Policy periodically. We request you to view this page occasionally to stay up-to-date with the modifications.


If you recognize that we've divulged your security, you can lodge a complaint to The concern will be taken care of at higher priorities.

Contact Information

For any queries about the privacy policy or legal guidelines, please contact us.