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Date published: 08/03/2016
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Tresamigosworld is a house of classic furniture with every single piece having an eye-catching theme. After our client was inhibited by the online pressure, we asserted to establish a strong eCommerce presence by developing the website in Magento. We partnered with the latest technology and incorporated the unique advantages to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to the customers by straightly bypassing the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

The Client

In a high competition where an online presence highly depends on the customer action, our USA based client got an idea of providing all classic and handcrafted furniture online, which is not available anywhere. Since 1999, our client had grown to a 1200 sq. ft. showroom, replacing old methodologies and brought an exciting platform accommodating traditional handcrafted furniture, including Mexican Rustic Pine, Tuscan Style, Southwestern Design and Spanish Colonial Home Decor.

Major Challenges were:

  • Two separate sites - Retailer and Wholesaler
  • Product discounts based on different price ranges for the wholesaler
  • Ability to sell the products on the third-party shopping venues
  • Discount to the Fiesta Club members

The Solution

To face the peer competition of the eCommerce arena, we developed our client's website on Magento. Our solution helped the customers to find their identical required furniture meeting their home needs. As we used Magento to bring the furniture site online, shoppers were able to find their products easily with the intuitive search features. We integrated a customized checkout process to streamline the customers' shopping process.

Major Features were:

  • Developed Retailers and Wholesalers eCommerce websites
  • Availed discount pricing strategy based on the price range for the wholesalers
  • Facilitated selling products in the Google shopping cart