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Date published: 08/03/2016
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Supersport Images was an Australian supplier of the high-quality photographs that were taken on the various sports events. This professional platform allows sport participants to explore their photographs, shortlist, and get them printed with customizations or download on the portal at an affordable amount. We designed a user-friendly website, integrated AWS import/export to address our client's large volume of the data request, and delivered an effective digital platform to meet ever changing consumer demand.

The Client

Supersport Images is dedicated in providing with the professional photography. Known as the official photographic partner and provider to sell the event photographs, our client provides high-quality photographs of all sports events. Any participant of an event can order for print or download their photographs using their unique Bib number. Different packages and customization options are available to serve requests of every participant.

Key Challenges were:

  • An advanced search to anonymously search and find the right photographs of an event from large database
  • Enable customers to buy their photographs available in different packages, quantity, and customization options
  • Prevent image theft and download from the website
  • Examine, manage, and process large volume of data without affecting the performance
  • Complete customization controls to display the information on the website

The Solution

To respond to our client's demand, we had developed a neat and user-friendly website leveraging Magento, and integrated Amazon Web Service (AWS) to control the data. We dived deep into the code and customized the platform, added more functionalities, designed an easy interface, and added extra information to give the details customers look for. Our integration with AWS services served effortlessly management of 8TB data, and import functionality to easily view images on the website.

Key Features are:

  • Facilitated "Smart Search" to perform the photographs search by using an event name and unique bib number or surname
  • Facilitated prepaid customers to download their photographs directly from their registered account on the website without any additional payment.
  • Integrated AWS with cloud imaging support from Amazon S3 Image Server to seamlessly store 8TB of data, and process customer's photograph request accordingly
  • User-friendly templates to customize Finisher Certificate for the particular customer