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Date published: 08/03/2016
4.5 / 5 stars

Red Nose Day is an online fundraiser platform that shares their donation to a non-profit organization. As our client didn't want to promote their organization, hence we designed a website with uncluttered graphics in a most simple way. We chose a color theme remembering children. We tried to present all vital information on the home page itself. Henceforth, the website designing was done on the Magento to serve with maximum flexibility and more functionality.

The Client

Our Australia-based client is a non-profit organization, which raises fund for "SIDS and Kids" that is dedicated to saving the lives of the newborn baby, children, and mothers during pregnancy. Their work includes research, national awareness, support, education, fundraising, campaigning, and advocacy to support the bereaved families. Red Nose Day also avails their wide range of products for the donors.

Major Challenges were:

  • Quality control of the website design to inspire the people, to do the donation
  • Safe and secure payment transaction method
  • Support downloadable media gallery
  • Design banner themes to aware about various interests
  • Provide a simplified shipping method to all the customers

The Solution

We chose Magento to build our client's website to fulfill their objectives of both flexibility and fantastic website. Our designers selected professional themes, understanding their business background to create interest in the volunteers and donors. Our designed website was responsive, hence anyone can make a donation from their device. We used real photos to connect with the audiences.

Major Features were:

  • Designed a clear and concise, user-friendly, and simple interface website to offer a painless donation
  • Online payment security using the PayPal payment gateway
  • Integrated media gallery to feature content download
  • Created fully slider banners to display the promotion, shopping, and registration details
  • Integrated a "Flat Rate Shipping Rate" method to charge the same service fee to all customers