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Date published: 08/03/2016
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Information Mapping is a documentation mapping app facilitating in finding the right structure for the enterprise documents. After understanding our client’s perspective, we developed an app where a user can find out the best document structure that delivers the expected result in a less period of time. The whole idea here is to help the user in creating effective documents for their business process.

The Client

As documents are always an essential part of every business, therefore our client wished to help the users in following right document structure. The content architecture decides the presentation of information precisely. Having the app, a user can read the minutes taken to find a result between two different structured documents.

Key challenges were:

  • Support app on iPhone and iPad
  • Provide document comparison for Business, Email, and Webpages documents
  • Compare two documents and identify time taken to find a result in both documents
  • Calculate resources, cost, and time spend on finding results
  • Provide support for six different languages
  • Easily search location of the client’s office centers on the map
  • Different color themes based on document types

The Solution

After learning the client’s concept, we developed an Information Mapping app loaded with extensive functionalities for enterprise-level organizations. The app helped the users in detecting the right choice of document structure and saving their time and cost. A systematic approach was followed to analyze, organize and present the information in a clear and concise manner.

Key features were:

  • Availed app compatibility with both iPhone and iPad
  • Support to enterprise-level documentation like business, emails and webpages
  • Calculate the average time taken to find a result. Other information included were cost savings, average lookup every day, number of employees working on them and their average yearly salary.
  • Multilingual support – English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese
  • Integrated map to provide a complete address, contact and direction details of the office centers
  • Three different color indicators were used to easily identify document types