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Date published: 08/03/2016
4.5 / 5 stars

ImTunedIn is a dynamic way to organize bands and connect to a wide array of audiences. We let creativity reign online by developing this platform for the artist to connect with expert musicians, form own band and perform. Extensive features were integrated for musicians to personalize their profiles, build musicians’ network and manage performance schedule among the team.
This platform gave an online pathway to the musicians to market them on a wide stage. Discovered new pathways, associated creativity, and talents together and personally connected with the fan base by paying strong music leading to success.

The Client

The client provides an online platform to the musicians to find work and clients (private events, individuals, corporate events) to book live music performance. It is a marketplace built by the musicians for the musicians. As the client was handling the band allocation process manually, hence the process got complicated in handling and managing the events seamlessly. Moreover communicating using manual approach resulted in inefficiency among the band members.

Key challenges were:

  • Manual management of band events and activities was critical and time consuming
  • Difficulty in finding the availability of the band members for any activity
  • Lack of communication with the band members rolled-out opportunities
  • Collaborative approach, to manage band activities, was missing
  • A notification system, to receive and send important messages, was required to alert members about the scheduled upcoming event

The Solution

Since our client wanted to automate band management process, therefore we have developed an online platform to streamline the entire workflow. Enabling communication via a single platform has removed repetitive process and automated band schedule process. Now, there was no irregularity in the communication and discussion among the band members. Minimizing the manual process saved time and brought transparency in the complete process.

Key features:

  • Integrated BandCal facility to track, control and manage different activities of all band groups on a single screen
  • BandHelp facility to find a time slot within specific day and time when all band members are available
  • Produced a clear and user-friendly platform to manage band activities
  • BandCal mobile app (Android and iOS) included features like BandCal, BandHelp and BandChat that improved process by ensuring website accessibility anytime and anywhere