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Date published: 08/03/2016
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SuiteCRM is available as open source software and also as commercial open source software. Due to its open source nature it is widely used by businesses. It includes various business activities like sales-force automation, customer management, marketing management, mobile CRM, generating varied reports and social CRM. It's main functionality is to streamline and increases business productivity. eTatvaSoft blends SuiteCRM's features with its knowledge to create excellent solutions at economical rates.

Our Expertise

eTatvaSoft understands the importance of customers and the need for developing quality and dynamic solutions as per customers satisfaction and when an organization understands this they develop the most apt and pertinent solutions. Our expertise in Suite CRM development provides you with a competitive edge and ensures higher returns on your investment.

Our Experience

We have skilled teams of SuiteCRM developers who can read the pulse of the customers. They are aware and up-to-date about the latest techniques and trends in the market which aid in constructing deft solutions that match your expectations. Our SuiteCRM developers have the aptitude for developing basic solutions, developing tailored solutions and also integrating these solutions with other modules.

Our SuiteCRM Development Services

Develop customized applications like:

  • Sales and Leads Managing Systems
  • Campaign Management
  • Client Account Management
  • Payment Module Management
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Call Management
  • Developing simple and complex applications
  • Developing specific modules.

Advantages of SuiteCRM Development

  • Allows to share customer information among team members and at the same time, you can restrict information based on user levels
  • Import existing data from customers in any format
  • Can generate complete history for a specific client i.e. calls, meetings, tasks, leads, sales etc.
  • Get the reports of the upcoming appointments and meetings.
  • Identify leads to conversion ratio
  • Organize information about each customer i.e. their problems, experiences thus enabling you to perform better